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a fairly small difference. It can control almost all aspects of the TV, including opening certain apps directly, and it can also work as a microphone for the voice control features. The Sony X900E will please most buyers minus the pickier enthusiasts that really want the best of the best when it comes to HDR. It used to be separate to the play store, but it now just houses the installed apps that are tagged as games in the play store.

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In its price range, it's very difficult to beat. They'll generally be quite versatile, which helps with making them suitable for most people. Flagship models such as the A1E and Z9D feature the rubber finish, but they also have a brushed metal back that give the remote a nice premium feel in the hand. It doesn't have as good a picture quality as the pricier TVs above, but it will still provide a good experience, especially if you don't plan on watching your TV in a dark room all the time. A lot of remotes nowadays omit number pad and even the player controls entirely and instead using on-screen controls and very simple remotes.

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